Delightful Launches as the Job Board that Matches Companies with Startup-Minded Talent

October 31, 2023
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Delightful Launches as the Job Board that Matches Companies with Startup-Minded Talent

Innovative Job Board Connects Startup-Minded Talent with Leading Enterprises

[NEW YORK CITY, Oct 31, 2023] - Delightful is on a mission to reshape the way job seekers and employers interact, focusing on meaningful connections between startup-minded talent and top-tier companies in the U.S.

Gone are the days of filling cubicles with mere placeholders. In the current job market, enterprise companies require dynamic thinkers with startup experience, individuals who can usher in fresh ideas and novel approaches to meet their goals. Delightful recognizes this shift and has designed its platform to be a conduit for uniting forward-thinking talent with companies eager to embrace innovation.

Delightful is launched by the team that brought together, a recruiting enablement product that increases candidate response rates and decreases time-to-hire. has over 10 years of experience with a database of thousands of startup-minded candidates.’s Co-Founders, Josh Goldstein and Chris Muir, emphasize the significance of startup experience, with Josh stating, "People with startup experience are often self-starting, versatile, and driven. Whether you’re hiring for a small team or a new vertical at a big company, our candidates can bring a new spark and a fresh perspective."

By honing in on startup experience, the platform introduces fresh thinking and innovation to established companies seeking dynamic professionals who can drive change. Unlike traditional job boards, Delightful features authentic job postings directly from hiring managers and other decision makers to ensure that candidates are connected with current and relevant opportunities.

For more information about Delightful and how it's revolutionizing the job market, visit ( Delightful offers flexible pricing options that suit the needs of enterprise companies, including monthly subscriptions and custom job slot bundles.

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About Delightful

Delightful is an innovative job board that connects enterprise companies with startup-minded talent. Through its proprietary "Attractors", Delightful makes meaningful connections based on factors beyond job titles and experience requirements. With a focus on culture, values, and work environment, Delightful ensures that hiring managers find the perfect match to drive innovation within their organizations.

About is a recruiting enablement tool, trusted by venture-backed companies across the spectrum. Dedicated to building strong connections, only accepts the top 5% of applicants, ensuring that hiring professionals are introduced to nothing but the best. With its unique approach of delivering weekly curated candidate batches, replaces hours traditionally spent navigating low-quality sourcing tools and applications, setting a new benchmark for recruiting efficiency. 

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