Recruiting Startup Talent: Cracking the Code at Codecademy Panel Recap

July 21, 2020
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Today’s recruiting teams are always searching for a better way to identify and hire qualified candidates. Codecademy knew that they needed a cost-effective candidate sourcing tool to continue growing their business, and turned to to enable their team to fill their roles faster. We shared Codecademy’s journey at the recent Recruitment Automation Conference, where we revealed exactly how the company leveraged the platform to transform their hiring process and drive outstanding results.

We spoke with Codecademy’s Senior Tech Recruiters, Madison Olson and Emma Loftus, to share how our partnership addressed their needs as a rapidly-growing tech startup. What they revealed was a case study in finding the right people for your company’s needs.

Recruiting & Hiring Deciphered

When Codecademy first partnered with in 2018, their organization was in hyper-growth, and they wanted to fill the top of funnel with high-quality startup talent. Filling their open roles would be vital to help their company scale the core product and design teams. With technical, product, and business candidates in such high demand, they knew they needed a platform that would help them to be competitive in the recruiting market. Instead of banking on sourcing passive candidates, they sought a platform that allowed them to quickly locate candidates who were actively seeking new positions, and, in turn, most likely to engage with their recruiting team. They also wanted to ensure the tool they chose was easy to use so that their recruiting team could adopt it quickly and seamlessly fit it into their existing recruiting workflows.

Codecademy used’s software to accelerate its talent acquisition process and engage with responsive candidates who were actively seeking a new position.’s powerful recruiting enablement software transformed their search process with an easy-to-use platform and access to top-quality talent (only 10% of applicants make it through our vetting process).

The Talent Code Is Cracked

In 2018, Codecademy used to source, engage, and hire one engineering manager, two senior engineers, and one performance marketer. Seeing success in this process, Codecademy switched to an all-you-can-hire pricing model. This allowed them to utilize the platform to fill roles across all disciplines, without having to budget for individual placement fees. Codecademy took advantage of’s offer to use unlimited seats, adding hiring managers to the platform as well. With 16% of candidates making it to the final round, it quickly became one of their highest performing sources of candidates, and saved their talent team and hiring managers a great deal of time. Using the platform became a reliable way to discover great talent for their top priority roles and also made hiring a team sport.

“The people we reach out to on Underdog are responding to us. If our hiring managers see someone on Underdog they want to talk to, we know we can make it happen,” said Emma.

Madison further explained the benefit of Ruff Notes, our semi-monthly newsletter, for their hiring managers. “To receive the weekly batch of candidates that they know have been vetted as well as the weekly newsletter that provides industry headlines and rankings, it’s a lot easier for them to digest.”

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